At Edenstone we employ over 40 direct staff and over 250 people across a variety of disciplines, roles and professions.

Our responsibility to staff at Edenstone goes way beyond employment contracts and regulations. By encouraging staff to share their ideas freely with colleagues and managers, we have created a working environment where people can thrive, both personally and professionally.

As a quality house builder we seek the highest quality and talented people to join our team.

At present Edenstone have vacancies for:

  • experienced sales consultants in South Wales
  • experienced sales consultants in the South West

Either send your CV and details to:

1st Floor, Building 102, Wales One Business Park, Magor NP26 3DG
Or phone: 01291 674 800

Direct Staff

We recognise individual and team contributions to bind our workplace together like a family, ensuring staff feel supported, valued and rewarded. That is why people join and stay at Edenstone.

As with any construction business, we have an extensive supply chain and rely on contractors and skilled tradesmen and women. We take our responsibility seriously for their wellbeing and safety, and for the quality of their work. Our safety record and the quality of our homes is testimony to the success of our partnership with staff, contractors and suppliers.

Supply Chain